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On The Issues

A main tenant of my platform is Transparency. In this spirit, I'd like to share my perspective and thought process about how to approach solutions for our town.

Have an issue on your mind? I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me with your comments

Financial Health

It's important to understand the financial challenges the Town faces in 2020 and beyond due to the expiration of Lake County's tax cap exemption. I am proposing a strategic cost transformation approach that will result in a town that both spends its tax payers' money much more efficiently today and is pointed directly at creating the future of the town that is inspiring to and desired by its residents. This is the opportunity I would love to help Munster seize, to sustainably reshape our budget for today and tomorrow.
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Engaging Residents & Political Discourse

Often political candidates or parties, from national races on down, try to motivate voters through consequences (“Vote for me, or things will go very wrong!”). It’s my commitment to always speak honestly with voters, so let me tell you what I think: the sky isn’t falling in Munster.

There’s a reason why I, and you, choose to live here. If we continue with the status quo, I don’t believe the town will quickly come crumbling down. It likely will remain relatively good through this election cycle and the next. However, I believe that my approach and my skills can catalyze the town to be much better. 

Munster undoubtedly has room to improve: From addressing today’s challenges to planning for Munster’s future success as the world and technology change rapidly around us, our town’s decision-making would improve greatly if we did a better job of engaging residents in decision-making processes and had a more well-rounded council.

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